Welcome! I’m Fanboy!

December 13, 2008

The old Fanboy is up and posting about the newest Avak video games and site updates! ENJOY!!!



LOL!!!!!!!! =-P

December 11, 2008

Well, I know we put up “JC’s Awesome Game” in the Downloads section, but…….that wasn’t really it. YOU JUST GOT PRANK’D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JC’s Awesome SLIDESHOW!!!

December 7, 2008
This is a slideshow with a pic from “JC’s Awesome Game”!

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Deadline for “JC’s Awesome Game” premiered

December 1, 2008

Hey, Fanboy here! I’m proud to announce that we have a not-so-accurate deadline to uphold for “JC’s Awesome Game”. The deadline is June 23, 2009. Don’t keep your hopes up yet, we’re not fully sure.

But if you want some humorous JC action, go to http://www.kfdwiki.webs.com for JC comics, JC books, and “JC’s Talk Show” mess we do. Enjoy, and pray that we’ll finish this in time! BYE!!!