“JC’s Awesome Game” Coming Soon…………….

November 30, 2008

Today, I decided to announce that “JC’s Awesome Game” is in the making. We decided to make it a simple 2-D game with a simple story line. You have ranks as in order: dork, nerd, m’kay, normal, awesome, cool. You start at the beginning as a dork. You still look like JC, but people in the game can walk right through you. You have to either slap Bob or Kung Fu Dog, make a hilarious remark at Kung Fu Dog on the Kung Fu Dog Podcast, or check an even more hilarious JCmail for your bar to rank up. Also, you get to play mini-games! But whenever your bar ranks up, a new mini-game is released. When you beat the game, you can play any mini-game you want! You can even start over, but when you do, you can still choose any mini-game you like.

That’s the basics there. Once we finish the game, I’ll there you more on the spoiler details. Well, that’s it for this computer programmer, bye!!!